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ABSOLUTE SKIN THERAPY TRIADThe ABSOLUTE protocol is without a doubt the most powerful, rapid and comprehensive skin care ever developed.

The combination of unique ingredients, and no toxic compounds , supplies the skin with all of the essential nutrients required to maintain an optimum physiological response.

Vitamin C, enhanced with master anti-oxidant glutathione ( a stable form ), increases the natural SPF of the skin. It repairs sun damage, protects the DNA from damage due to overexposure to the sun, and lightens dark spots over time, more efficiently than the toxic hydroquinone products. It increases blood circulation, supports nerve tissue, and provides collagen and elastin repair and maintenance.

The peptide combination reduces wrinkles and fine lines and smile lines, tightens the neck tissue more effectively than any product, I have seen, this is due to the ingredients activating skin stem cells. I know of no other product that make that claim.

The enhanced vitamin A product, contains 2 powerful ingredients needed for regeneration of new skin cells . These ingredients are found in the correct isomer so they help regenerate new skin cells without thinning of the dermis , which is a side effect of the most popular product, Reninoic acid, which also requires a prescription.

The combination of these 3 products, mixed in the hand just prior to application; is applied to the neck, face, and upper chest, and can show a difference in the tissues in as little as 24 hours. Even if the protocol was used every 3 days the positive changes in the skin are apparent.

The Absloute Cleanser is the best cleanser for removing makeup. It also will not strip all the oil from the skin as every other cleanser will!